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April 21, 2017 3 min read 1 Comment

Over a year ago we embarked on a life changing journey on the other side of the globe. It was one of the most adventurous journeys we have ever experienced in so many ways. It was life changing for all of us. 
South Africa changed us. Not just in number of family members, but deep in our soul. It's a country that takes hold of you and doesn't let it go.  The people, their warmth and kindness, the cultures and the colours; it's called the rainbow nation for good reason. You leave a part of yourself there and it begs you to come back.  Not only is a part of us, Tony and I there, but a huge part of Emery is there and will always be. It is her home country, it is where her birth family lives and it is where her foster nanny and granny live, it is where we met her, and where we welcomed her into the arms of all of us. 
When we think of South Africa we always think of hope. Hope in the country, hope in the people, hope for the future and of course our beloved Baby Hope House
Hope House is where it all began for Emery, and for our family. After a long journey to Durban we were met by our social worker. We were tired and weary, but excited. We loaded up in her car and headed to Hope House to meet our daughter.  Every parent will understand that moment when you first  lay eyes on your child.  For adoption, the sentiment is exactly the same, except in  some circumstances you are also meeting a  little person.  A little one who likely has  already developed a personality.  That  gloomy South African fall afternoon we met  the most amazing 13.5 month old little girl and our hearts were smitten.    
When we adopted Emery, nanny and granny were caring for 7 babies and two older children. To say the house was busy is a complete understatement; however, regardless of the busyness of the house, you could feel love.  I used the word caring for above, and that really doesn't begin to encompass what Hope House provides for these children.  Lynne and Sonia love the children in their home as their own and go out of their babies to ensure that their babies have the resources needed to help them thrive.  Emery was able to see specialists and therapists her entire first year, something that is often difficult to do in a large orphanage.  These two women literally never sit down.  They are constantly being pulled in all directions with the needs of their babies, and give their all to ensure that the babies are loved.    
Lynne and Sonia will forever be a part of our family.  They are woven into our hearts and play a large role in Emery's story.  
We feel so strongly about supporting such a worthy cause because we have seen first hand the positive impact that a supportive start can have on a child. These two amazing women are in need of funds to help them continue to support the children they love.  Being a foster parent comes with stress, both emotional and financial.  This is not something people do for the money, but for the reward of seeing children flourish.  They could use your financial support and the babies they love could as well. All proceeds of our M.E. Alphabet Cups will go directly to Baby Hope House to help them continue to provide a loving environment.  Please consider purchasing a personalized cup for a little that you know.  Every cup sold helps Lynne and Sonia continue to provide nutritious food, diapers and clothing for these children. 
If you have questions about adoption we would love to hear from you, or if you have questions in particular about Hope House and their specific needs please leave a comment below.  

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Melinda Pearson
Melinda Pearson

April 22, 2017

Great way to give back and also get a cute gift for that special little person!

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