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March 09, 2017 2 min read


Is there any difference between gender neutral and unisex?

In one quick answer, yes. 

Let's get into why there's a difference and why it's so important to us that we use the right language on our site, with our goods and our brand but more importantly with our daughters. 

Let's start at the beginning. We are feminists and allies. As a family we are open about gender, sexuality and the LGBTQ+ community. It's not that we are going around discussing intimate details with our 6 and 2 year old about lifestyles and personal choices, but we aren't shying away from those discussions either. Our eldest knows what LGBTQ stands for and she understands some of the terms themselves. For us, educating our daughters about everything in this complex and diverse world including gender issues, sexuality and race is super important to us as a family. 

So here's the difference. 

Sex, refers to your parts. You know, those parts. Those specific parts; however, do not determine with what gender you identify. They just determine your sex. 

Gender is your identity. You can identify yourself as a woman or as a man but it has nothing to do with sex or your parts. This is where transgender and cisgender come in. A transgender person does not identify with the gender of their parts and a cisgender person does. 

Saying 'unisex', as many companies do, implies that you are choosing clothes based on your parts and we all know that we choose clothing based on our identity which comes from our gender. The two are not linked.

Calling it gender neutral allows us to take away labels. We are hoping to eliminate those gender sections that are so often based on stereotypes. The girls' section being mainly frilly and pink and the boys' section being blue and tough. 

Let's take away the labels because kids don't need them, they know who they are already!

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