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What's a blog anyway?

February 24, 2017 2 min read

Hey everyone! We are so glad you found your way to our site and to our blog. We are hopeful that you read our first post about how we came up with indieKIDS. If you haven't read it, check it out. For everyone else who's new here, welcome. For those who wonder how they got here and what a blog actually is, let me explain. It's a space that allows us (well mainly Jane) to write down any thought she has about any topic she wants. The ultimate goal being that someone will read it.  We will be using this space to chat about anything and everything, from our site and our philosophy, to parenting challenges, to fashion and to just day to day living with children. We hope you subscribe to our newsletter as a way to stay connected to the blog and to new product features. Subscribing will allow you to stay in the know about new products being added to our collections, and believe me, it's already started!
I had mentioned in our About Us that we are the Abbouds. No need to go back and read that section if you didn't. I'm totally over the fact that you skipped my favourite part of the site ;).  Allow me to quickly re introduce ourselves (remember a blog is a space where I can write about what I want) so that you have an idea of who we are. 
  1. We are a family of four knit together by birth and by adoption and we have two beautiful daughters  
  2. We are from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  3. We love music. Basically all genres but preferred genres include, indie, rap/R&B (old school mostly), and what Tony calls chill (a little bit of electronics meet mainstream meet remixes)
  4. We love to travel and experience new things
  5. Tony and I can both speak French and we hope that our daughters will be multilingual as well
  6. We have almost nightly dance parties in our kitchen and usually it involves Justin Beiber, much to the chagrin of Tony
  7. We both love our jobs, and by this, I mean all of them. The parent role, the partner role, the teacher, the business man, the entrepreneurs
  8. We love the tv show This Is Us. Although not a mirror image of our beautiful family, many of the topics covered especially relating to adoption and race we have either pondered, been asked or are currently trying to work out. 
  9. We started this business as a way for us to find cool wears for our girls that were fun, not super frilly, girly, flirty etc., and that were easy to match
  10. An indieKID for us is a kid who is strong, courageous, empathetic, and most definitely fun! 
Check back often for new blog posts and make sure you leave us comments. We love hearing from you!

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