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February 16, 2017 2 min read


It's been an exciting couple of months as we curate our products and get set to launch this new business of ours.  We have spent time going back and forth on logos, colours, products and samples, but in all of that, the one thing that both Tony and I never argued over was the name.  

A year ago, sitting in Starbucks on Banff Ave in Banff Alberta, celebrating our 10th anniversary, we starting talking about creating a business that was self-serving in many ways.  Obviously, we wanted it to generate some income (why have a business if not to make a little cash), but we also wanted to create a brand and a company that we were proud of and that we could use ourselves.  It was clear, as dotting parents, it would have to be a kids store.  We were in Starbucks for no more than 30 minutes and the name was created.  

Indie has a few definitions.  The first, not belonging to or affiliated with a major label.  This one is typically for bands or for movies; however, it is fitting in this case.  We don't carry major labels.  If you want your child to wear Gap, go buy it.  You'll notice our product arrives with various tags, none of which are associated with any major label.  The other definition and perhaps the one that speaks true to our two girls and resonates most with Tony and I is, independent.  As much as we have nurtured them to want us, neither of our girls are followers, both have their own opinions and they let them be known.  Our youngest plays alone and checks in with you every 30 minutes or so.  You get in her space and she screams.  She wants to put her own shoes on, her own coat on and definitely at least attempt to pull her pants up on her own.  Our eldest, our sensitive, spirited child, has been independent since birth.  She is happiest playing teacher on her own.  She doesn't want you to pretend to be a student, you only annoy her.  

In all of these definitions our store aims to bring in goods that kids can be themselves in without the need for brand names or major labels.  Our clothes are plain, but the kids who wear them?  Well, they're confident, and most definitely, indie.  

A big indieKIDS shoutout to Sebastian Abboud who created our logo.  Go, check out his stuff at


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