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Q and A

You have Questions, and we have the Answers... hope this helps! Before we begin - our T-shirt collection is available to US customers only, whereas our PJ collection are available globally. Note - all orders are processed in USD

Q - How do I know which size to purchase?

A - Sizing on each product page is for the specific outfit.. It is best to measure carefully before selecting the correct size.

Q - How long does it take for my Pop Cult Family order to arrive in my sweet little fingers?

A - We have carefully designed and produced amazing products from manufacturers as follows;

PJs (GLOBAL) : Our hand selected overseas manufacturer located near Hong Kong. Orders ship within 5 business days and from that point shipping is roughly 2-3 weeks in March 2020 - so it will arrive in approximately 3-4 weeks!! Shipments are moving well right now. Shipping Cost : FREE

T-Shirts (US CUSTOMERS ONLY) : Our hand selected US manufacturer, located in the mid-west. Orders typically ship after 5-10 business days and from that point shopping is roughly 1-5 days. Shipping Cost : $3.99

According to CDC, there is no evidence of COVID-19 from packages shipped overseas - Click here -

We do not send tracking information.You are welcome to contact us to receive tracking information if you would like though!!

Q - I received my order and noticed that it came in a boring envelope, where are the frills?

A - Frills, labels, tags and fancy boxes are how the other guys justify charging ridiculous pricing. We let our products do the talking so don't worry about the lack of pizazz here. You may also notice a value on the front label, this is strictly for clearing customs and is often times even lower than our cost - so R E L A X...

Q - Loving my amazing new Clothes, how do I take care of them?

A - Draw a nice cold bath and let air dry, skip the blowdryer... Translation - wash in cold water and hang to dry. You can take a chance and throw it in the dryer, but it's on you!

Q - Sooo.... what happens if I am not in love with what you ship me?

A - If you are unsatisfied with your items, please review our Refund Policy and contact usfor more details. *** Please make sure you look at the sizing charts closely before ordering, and follow our care instructions! 

But there shouldn't be a problem, look at our 5 star reviews!!

Q - I wanna chat, how do I connect with you?

A - You can email Jane or Tony, we are always love making new friends out there! Or check us out on Facebook and Instagram (we are too old for Snapchat or whatever else flavor of the month social media is hot right now...)